The Huni Kuin are a remote indigenous amazon tribe living in the state of Acre, Brazil close to the border of Peru. There are an estimated 10,000 of them scattered in small villages across the jungle. They are three days away from the nearest village but have made contact with the Western World.

They try to live in peace and harmony within themselves, with others and with the neighboring tribes. The psychedelic Ayahuasca is a key part of their spirituality. Every Saturday night they gather as a tribe and go on a night long inner vision quest as they sing together.

The shamans are the spiritual and physical healers of the tribes. Hand picked by the elders, they spend years studying the healing properties of the plants and animals in the jungle around them. Their medicines are given in a ritualized manner and these include the frog medicine Kambo and the tobacco / snuff called Rape´

They have survived in the area since before the Aztecs. In the 1970’s they fought and won the Brazilian government to be allowed to have their own territories and foe the right to be able to freely practice their spiritual rituals – some of which had previously been deemed illegal in Brazil.