This website is  an information website for the documentary – HUNI – about the Huni Kuin tribe. 

The Huni Kuin are an indigenous tribe with a population of about 10,000 people living in the Amazon rainforest. They try and live in harmony within themselves and with the ecosystem. The psychedelic Ayahuasca is a key part of their spirituality. Every Saturday they gather as a tribe and go on a night long inner vision quest. They were so concerned about the effects climate change was having on the rainforest, they held a special tribal Ayahuasca ceremony to pray.

This documentary explores the Huni Kuin tribe’s daily life, their medicines as well
as the special Ayahuasca ceremony. There were several shamans participating in the event and they discussed what they feel humanity needs to do to combat climate change and make the world a more peaceful and loving place.

 Ayahuasca is illegal in most countries around the world. This movie is not intended to be a promotional movie for Ayahuasca. It is about an Amazon tribe where it it happens to be a big part of their spirituality. 

The music recorded during the ceremony is used as the score for the movie.

The music recorded from the Ayahuasca ceremony is used as the soundtrack for the movie. It will soon be available to download. If you want to be informed when it is ready please enter your email address here.

Huni is currently doing its film festival run. Please see our events page for the latest screenings. After its festival run, we plan to make it available to watch online in early 2023.
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